About me

What? Why is there a picture of an airplane on a woodturners website? I'll get to that in a minute.

So a little bit about me, I'm a father to a teenage boy, which is why I like going and working in my garage so much.  I've tried to get him out in the garage with me though, maybe one day he'll start to like it.  I wouldn't mind a helper.  I'm also husband to a diamond painter, which any of you that follow me on Instagram (@lazy_river_wt for those of you that don't) already know. She's actually the reason I got into woodturning to begin with.  Working with wood had always been something I had wanted to try to do.  I just didn't have the room or tools to be able to really get started in it without a huge investment.  Years go by and she starts diamond painting, then I start seeing all these random diamond painting pens showing up at my house.  I thought, "This is a way to do something for my wife and be able to work with wood." Now here we are. 

Working with wood has always interested me not only because of it's natural beauty, but because I've done my share of metal work.  I've worked in aviation for over 12 years as both a mechanic and as quality control.  Quality control at an airplane manufacturer is my day job now.  That's partially the reason I have the discounted section on my website.  In my day job there is no room for almost perfect.  As we say in aviation, you can't just pull an airplane to the side of the road if it breaks down.  That perfection seeking seeps into my own work at home as well.  I look closely at every one of my pieces I create, and if it doesn't meet my standards, it goes in the discount section.  See, I told you I would explain the airplane.

I've been turning in my garage at my house, in my spare time, since August of 2020 (about a month and a week at the time of writing this).  I really have enjoyed my new craft so much.  Even more so I've enjoyed the appreciation for my craft from the Instagram diamond painting community.  You all are absolutely amazing and I thank you.  Not only for welcoming me into the community but also for giving me the confidence to go ahead with this.