Shop News

So I guess this page will kinda be blog style, I'll just keep adding new entries as new news comes along.


11-13-20:  A couple of new items to add to the website here.  All pictures that include "Howie" the custom manatee POP! are for the turned items only and do not include Howie.  Also moving forward for international customers, Lazy River Woodturning is not responsible for any customs charges on packages.

10-03-20:  Shipping issues have been worked out.  International shipping will now work and there are more shipping options available in the US.  

9-22-20:  I'm working on building this website that I plan on launching on October 1st.  I'm so excited to be doing this.  As of right now I'm only making Diamond Painting pens, ink pens, pencils, and bottle stoppers, but I have plans in the works for so much more.